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About Mossy Creek Church

Since 1768 Presbyterians in northwestern Augusta County have gathered to worship God beside the stream which has given name to the surrounding community. Scotch-Irish settlers in the region united in a request to Hanover Presbytery for the organization of a congregation in order to avoid the hardships of travel to and from worship services at the Augusta Stone and Cooks Creek Meeting House. The request was granted and the Reverend Thomas Jackson became the first pastor. He served not only the congregation at Mossy Creek, but also congregations at Cooks Creek, Linville Creek, and Peaked Mountain.

The congregation at Mossy Creek has occupied five church buildings since its organization. The first structure was located one-fourth mile upstream from the present house of worship. The three subsequent buildings were located near the existing gothic structure which was erected in 1882.

What brings us together — We members of Mossy Creek are a moderately conservative group of worshipers who find support in the many friendships we establish within the congregation. Most of us prefer a traditional style of worship and a church mission which has a local emphasis. While some of us were literally born into the congregation, many of us have come to Mossy Creek from a variety of other protestant denominations.

While we are certainly not clones of one another, we hold many common values around which our church programs are organized — the most important being our love of Jesus Christ and our love for each other.

What We Do - We do essentially four things: (1) We gather on the Lord’s day to worship together and welcome old friends and new. (2) We support our church and its programs with our time, money, and energy so that we may continue to receive and spread the Word. (3) We maintain and strengthen a network of caring, loving relationships to support members of our congregation and the community. (3) We support local, national, and international benevolent projects.

Almost everyone gets actively involved in some way in deciding what our church’s program will be and in making it happen. Groups, both formal and informal, have a voice in governance. The elders and deacons get input from all their committees as well as from the Presbyterian Women, the circles, the choir, the youth group, the Sunday school classes, and concerned individuals.

We support each other emotionally and socially in our Sunday school classes, through circles, at monthly socials on Sunday mornings, picnics, pitch-in dinners, ice cream socials, special music programs, special Bible studies and when we celebrate weddings, baptisms, and funerals. Our members support an active prayer chain that keeps us aware of the special prayer and personal support needs of our friends and their families.

Our members are personally and financially active in supporting the local Bridgewater Food Pantry, the outreach ministries of the Circleville and Seneca Rocks Presbyterian churches, Ukirk the Presbyterian Campus Ministry at JMU, the Stokesville Food Pantry, Mercy House, and Habitat for Humanity. In addition, we make monetary contributions to the Gidada Bible School in Ethiopia and
students of St. Matthias parish School in Haiti.

Mossy Creek Presbyterian Church, 372 Kyles Mill Road, Mount Solon, Virginia 22843 :: (540) 350-2372

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